Children of Andrew Blaikie and Jean Currer

Andrew born 1769, [died in infancy]

Francis ‘Frank’ 1771-1857, land steward, Norfolk, never married

Peggy born 1772 [died in infancy]

Andrew 1774-1841, engraver, Paisley, Renfrewshire – married late in life, no children

Thomas 1776-1856, farmer, Bowdon, Roxburghshire, married Jean Lang, 7 children

James 1777-1838, magistrate, St John’s, Newfoundland, married Sarah West Gaden, 5 children

Betty, born 1780, married Thomas Mills, 9 children

George Dundas 1782-1851, merchant, Chicago, Illinois, married Mary Monroe Brown, 4 children

Isabel, 1783-1864, Bowden, Roxburghshire, never married

Robert, 1788-1860, farmer, Bowden, Roxburghshire, married Violet Smith, 3 children