Morpeth, Alnwick and Wooler: 2nd-3rd May

Alnwick Farmer's Folly DB

Alnwick – Farmer’s Folly

Sunday afternoon, from Morpeth to Alnwick, 20 miles. Still the soil is clay for a long way; when at Alnwick it is turnip soil. Nothing worth remarking this ride. For fifty miles back asses seem to be a great part of their stock. You cannot travel a mile any way but you meet with asses, either feeding on the road-side, or employed some way or other. They give the country a mean-like appearance. Alnwick is a small place, very irregularly laid out. The castle has been lately repaired. After twenty years work upon it on the outside, there is nothing very grand; but within it is very richly furnished and very fine paintings. The Duke of Northumberland stays here some months at a time. In conversing with some of the inhabitants, I found them rank democrats.

May 3rd.- Monday, from Alnwick to Wooler Haughhead, 16 miles. For six miles, very wild moor rocks, after that a pretty plain road. .Some hill and dale; good farming; some very renowned graziers on this stage. Nigh to Wooler Haugh-head, large farms and very fine stock are seen, and the very best breeds of sheep. This is a very good inn, but a very damp situation.

To Wooler, 1½ miles. Quite a level and good turnip soil. Wooler stands upon a bank head, a little off the water, a poor looking place, and of very bad access.

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