Kelso: 4th May

Kelso BGS

Tuesday, from Wooler to Kelso, 24 miles. For six miles quite a plain, and a good view of Till Water for 15 miles. It overflows at times many hundreds of acres. They have been at a great expense in banking, and have secured themselves pretty well; it is only stagnant water by a flood, and does not carry off any soil, but improves it. From that till within four miles of Kelso High Lands, a great deal is taken in from Wark Commons and well improved. When nigh to Kelso, husbandry then shines every field; regular straight ridges, good fences, the land clean, and every department carried on to the purpose. All the way up the Tweed to Ancrum Bridge the tenants vie with each other. They, to be sure, have a tractable soil to work upon, and a very moderate quantity of lime or marI can work the land; still the farmers deserve credit, and are not outdone in any country or corner I ever yet saw. Were Mr Frost at Windsor to see farming here, he would repeat his hourly prayer, O Lord. Perhaps it may be said I am partial to my own country, but that I deny; any traveller who makes the same tour will agree with me.

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