The Tower: [20th April]

Tower of London K2


The Tower is also a very extraordinary thing to see; in the Armoury room 150,000 stand of small arms are in view at one time; they are piled up wonderfully neat and well kept. There are many very curious devices on the wall, made by putting up the pistols. Some very curious paintings and statues in this room. In another room you see all the different kinds of warlike weapons made use of for many hundred years back; also all things used for defence – coats of mail, &c, with all the trophies of war taken from every nation we have ever been at war with, many instruments for torture being among them. These latter are chiefly from Spain. In another department all the harness belonging to the artillery, with a great many different kinds of cannon, mortars, &c. In another room, ground floor, are all the Kings of England and Scotland that have reigned for 1000 years past; they are of nearly full-size, riding upon horses fully caparisoned in the robes of furniture, armour, &c., used in the time they lived. They have various appearances; they are all in a line, and front one way. The wild beasts are also well worth seeing; I have seen most of the animals that are there, but never ones so large. The fowls are very grand; but a person begins to weary before you get through them all. The Tower costs five shillings to see it properly.

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