St Pauls: [21st April]

St Paul's from Maiden Lane SE

St Paul’s is a wonderful piece of architecture, both for size and execution. Many large statues, paintings, &c. The height of the spire from the foundation is 403 feet; when upon the highest balcony you see some parts of most of the principal streets in town. The building covers 2 acres 16 perches of ground, with iron palisades about it 2500. On a pedestal is Queen Anne in full statue. The length of the minute hand of the clock is 8 feet, the weight of it 75 lbs; length of the hour hand 5 feet 5 inches, the weight of do. 44 lbs. On the street you would not suppose these hands half the length. The length of the figures on the dial-plate is 2 feet 2 inches. The circumference of the dial is 57 feet. The re-building of it was begun in 1675, and finished in 1715. Is 6d a sight.

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