Lancaster: 4th April

Lancaster Castle SS

Lancaster Castle

Sunday afternoon we left Ellond for Lancaster, being 12 miles, Mr Milne accompanying me all the way from Lancaster to Burks. Saw some very fine long-horned cattle by the way; indeed there is no other kind to be seen. The farming and fences miserable. Ivy seems to be a native, and every hedge and tree more or less over-run by it.

Lancaster is a very large town and very regular. The castle stands upon an eminence, whence it has a commanding view of the hills in Westmoreland, and down the coast towards Preston. The armament part of the castle is very strong, and in Gothic style; for many years they have been building and repairing, and it has now a very grand appearance. Being the county town, the Circuits are held here, and spacious apartments are fitted out for that purpose. A basin of water at the end of the town forms a fine harbour, from whence the Canal takes its rise. They have a very fine harbour on the north end of the town for West India shipping, of which trade they have now a great share. I think it is a very thriving place.


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